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Senin, 25 Juni 2012

Solo Careers

Nicky: TV presenter
“Nicky is going into TV presenting — he’s always been clear about that and he’s really good at it. I know he’s been in loads of meetings about various TV shows coming up and about pilots for TV shows. He’s not going to rush into anything either though. He’s got plenty of time.”

Kian: TV presenter
“Kian has a lot of options and I think the offers have been coming in faster than he even wanted. He wants to take a long break. I know he and Jodi really want to take time off to go travelling together and see the world. But he’s a bit torn because there are TV projects on the table that he’s finding hard to turn down. I think he’ll end up involved in the music industry. I introduced him to the ARG Talent Agency in London and now he's signed with them so he's in really good hands. I think he's going to get back into music management down the road too. I think he'll end up being involved in the music industry."

Mark: Pop producer
“Mark plans to go to LA to work with some really great producers and record a few of his own songs. He wants to concentrate on songwriting and producing. He’s interested in the whole process and he has that incredible voice so he’s interested in doing something solo down the line too. Mostly he's into song writing and producing and he wants to work with other artists too. Mark and Shane were the big voices of Westlife and they were the reason Westlife really worked. It was the blend of Shane and Mark together with Nicky and Kian. Between them they produced harmonies that were world class."

Shane: Solo singer
“Shane is not rushing into anything yet. He’s had all the major record companies trying to sign him and he's going to release a solo album but that won’t be until next year. Everyone knows he’s had financial problems but he’s trying to get back on track and start afresh. I see him as a new Michael Buble style artist or the male Adele. He’s a natural. He wants to do an album of modern, contemporary songs along the lines of Michael Buble - something that would have wide appeal. He can tackle any music really simply because he has the voice."

Copyright by : http://www.starplus.ie/gossip/westlife-boys-plan-solo-careers-but-will-relax-beforehand/11022/


Thank you Westlife for the 14 years. I always remember you until I die. You're my hero! Until whenever, I will always remember you and love you. I will never forget you. I promise that. Even though you've broken up and running solo career, I will always love you. I knew you since I was a kid. You have become my idol and my hero since I was a kid.


Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

The Perfect Farewell Tour

21/05/2012 17:35
Last night, Westlife performed the first of their three Farewell Tour dates at the LG Arena in Birmingham in what was an emotional but perfect goodbye.

For fourteen years, Kian, Shane, Mark and Nicky (and for five, Brian) were heroes to thousands of fans that have stuck by them through thick and thin. Unfortunately, last night the time had come for many fans to say goodbye to one of Ireland’s most successful boybands as they saw their heroes perform for one last time.

The crowd went crazy as the boys came onto the stage after four effigies of them were set alight. Starting with a stripped back set and their cover of Daughtry’s ‘What About Now’, Westlife treated us to over ninety minutes of some of their biggest ever hits.

In true pop tour style, the middle section of the show was dedicated to a medley of hits from the likes of the Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon, Robbie Williams, Pussycat Dolls and Queen. I was also suitable impressed by the boy’s ‘shuffling’ abilities as they danced to LMFAO.

Westlife were on top form performing songs such as ‘What Makes a Man’, ‘If I Let You Go’, and ‘Queen of My Heart’ perfectly. The highlights for me were ‘Uptown Girl’ which ended with a little dub breakdown, an energetic and rocky ‘When You’re Looking Like That’ and ‘Ain’t That a Kick in the Head’.

The interaction between Westlife and the audience was some of the best I’ve ever seen; from reading out fans' hilarious banners (most of which I cannot repeat on here!), pulling up members of the audience for a ‘Westlife sandwich’, Shane signing a fan’s arm which she later plans to get tattooed and the Malteaser trick – the guys were charming and funny throughout. They even made sure those fans at the back of the arena got up close and personal with them as the flew over the crowd singing ‘Mandy’, ‘Seasons In The Sun’ and ‘Swear It Again’.

Ending with ‘You Raise Me Up’ before their encore, each member of Westlife individually took to the stage to say thank you and goodbye to their fans but came back for two more songs: ‘World of Our Own’ and ‘Flying Without Wings’.

TessaMeese from Twitter worded it perfectly:

"@thelgarena Fab night but sad too! The boys just get better.....life will not be the same without a Westlife gig to look forward to!!"

We’re going to miss the band terribly at the LG Arena. They first came here back in March 2001 when we were still the NEC Arena and have been here on every single tour since. They’ve left on a high though and to all those coming here on 4 & 8 June you’re going to have a brilliant night but make sure you bring the tissues; it’s an emotional rollercoaster of a show!

Copyright by : http://westlifeonlines.webnode.com/news/westlife-review-the-perfect-farewell/

Rabu, 25 April 2012


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Selasa, 24 April 2012


#imagineYou have been married with Shane Filan for 5 years. You have a one-year-old beautiful boy named Josh. Your birthday is soon and you're too busy with your work. You are an artist who does paintings.

S: "Babe why are you so busy lately?"
U: "You know I have deadline, Shane... Please don't ask me about it."
S: "I know... But see, you're too busy. Even I have to change Josh's diapers every day in the middle of the night, because when he cries at night you never wake up!"
U: "Do we seriously have to discuss this?"
S: "You're his mom, for Christ's sake!"
U: "You know you'll be dealing with this when you're married with me, Shane. You know it."
S: "I know, but can't you just take care of Josh and me?"
U: "What do you think I've been doing these five years? You think I just paint and wait for you to come home from the tour and ditch Josh's diapers every night!?"
S: "How could you say that?"
U: "You know what, Shane, I'm just gonna forget it. I'm gonna forget what you said and pretend that it never happens."
S: "What do you mean?"
U: "Never mind!"

You leave Shane alone in your art studio just beside the garage, and you go to Josh's bedroom. Where you can think healthy, because seeing Josh asleep makes you feel peaceful.

You sit on a chair, and you see your little boy sleeping in his crib, while seeing him, you whispered softly to him...

U: "Here, Josh. Mummy gotta tell you something. I love you so much, and I love your dad too. Mummy is never gonna give up for you. Things get bad here and there some of the time, but Mummy's gonna fix it, and make it better for us. I promise you, Josh Michael Peter Filan. You're my baby and I won't do anything stupid to you. I'm sorry I've been so busy lately, Mummy also have a job, trying to be better for you, Joshy. I promise I won't let you down. I love you."

You shed a tear, you're thinking of what you've been doing. You said to yourself;
U: "I am a bad mother."

S: "You're not."
and suddenly, behind you, Shane stands there. With his lovely look, soft, deep, and shady eyes.

U: "Shane..." (you wipe your tears away)
S: "You are not a bad mother. You are a mother that every kid wants to have."
U: "Huh, don't start it, Shane..."
S: "Seriously. You're beautiful, you're patient, you're a hard worker, you're a cutie pie, still a cutie pie---"
U: "Haha, you know how to give me compliments..."
S: "And you're loving, you're lovable, you're perfect, and especially, you're my son's mother. You bear my child, honey."
U: "Oh, Shane."
S: "I love you, I love Josh, I love us, and your deadline is just another thing that we have to pass together, right?"
U: "I think so... Why are you always clever like this, baby?" (you smile)
S: "I'm so clever at doing this, because... Seriously, [your nickname], you forgot that today is your birthday."
U: "WHAT!? Really!?"
S: "Yeah you forgot it."
U: "What date is it today!?"
S: "It's [your birth day]... See, you forgot it!"
U: "My God! Shane! Why can't you just tell me that it's my birthday and made me cry first? You mean boy!"
S: "Ah, well.... I thought I could just prank you a little bit and give you another surprise" (he smiles and put his hands around your waist)
U: "A surprise? This is not enough?"
S: "We're gonna go to the lodge uphill, I already called Kian and Jodi to look after Josh for one night only... We're gonna spend the time in the lodge for ourselves. What do you think?"
U: "Shane... But the deadline---"
(Hhe suddenly kisses your lips passionately, and you kiss back, of course!!)
S: "No more deadlines. I know you're done with it. I know it's spectacular. You're just not confident enough. Now let me take you out of this room because Kian & Jodi is already downstairs, because we're going to leave for bed and breakfast uphill."
U: "Shane, I love you so much. Thank you" :)
S: "You know I always love you too."

...and you can imagine the rest of the night at the bed and breakfast lodge yourself

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Sabtu, 14 April 2012

No no lyrics~

No no no no

we had it all for the taking,
love was just me and you,
You better think twice,
about the plans that you're making,
of splitting one word in two,

Put your mind in doubt,
did you ever think about,
everything that we're missing,
Don't you make me see,
what is best for me,
cause I just won't listen, baby

no no no no
I don't need nobody,
anyone to take your place but you,
no no no no
I just couldn't fall for anyone new,
nobody but you,

you are the life that i'm living,
I just can't go on without you,
Let's make it alright,
wake up to what we've been given,
remember the things we've been through,

Put your mind in doubt,
did you ever think about,
everything that we're missing,
Don't you make me see,
what is best for me,
cause I just won't listen, baby

no no no no
I don't need nobody,
anyone to take your place but you,
no no no no
I just couldn't fall for anyone new,
nobody but you,

I can't imagine,
the two of us apart,
Can't find a reason,
cause I still believe,
There's no one like you,
that is why I need,
nobody but you,

don't need nobody,
To take your place but you,
no no no no no no
Don't need nobody at all,
no no no no no no

no no no no
I don't need nobody,
(don't need nobody)
anyone could take your place but you,
no no no no
I just couldn't fall for anyone new,
(no no no no)
nobody but you,

no no no no no no
I don't need nobody,
no no no no no ,baby
I don't need nobody,
no no no no no no
I just couldn't fall for anyone new,
nobody but you